Chicados Cash & JL Dash Ta Heaven are teaming up with Benette for the wins! Lindas Sunset & Mattie placing at Lawton and Summer Shootout!

Chicados Cash & JL Dash Ta Heaven pulled double duty these past two week.  Last week it was with Benette with Omak, Sikeston, & Lawton with $1,079 in earnings & Mattie Jackson at Lawton on Linda's Sunset with $558 in earnings!

This week it was Chicados Cash & Benette won 2nd in the first Rd of Caldwell and 8th in the Average and JL Dash Ta Heaven placed at Billings MT! Good for about a $2,500 week!  Mattie & Lindas Sunset placed 14th in the 1st Round at the Summer Shootout in OKC.